Every picture has a story

Doha Airport Layover | Every picture has as a story

Doha Airport layover

Not the most exciting airport

This picture was taken during my 8 hours layover in Doha after a flight from Bangkok. I was alone and it was boring as hell to say the least.

My post as to be taken in perspective: I just had an awesome trip in northern Vietnam and all the excitements I just had experienced in this wonderful country.

Most post I read on the forums talked about how cool and fancy this airport was and all the hype and how people get exited about shopping all over the place and so on.. but I’m definitely not that type of person. Besides, this airport is quite expensive, for me at least.

My flight arrived at 11:55PM and had to catch my next fight to Geneva at 8:15AM. I walked all through the terminals from pure boredom. I think now I know all the restrooms location in the terminals. The airport is weird and unpersonal, lots of people connecting from almost all over the world and don’t even bother to talk to anyone. Taking pictures was forbidden in some areas for no reason really…

Doha airport is as new and modern as it is boring and I can’t say anything cool about this place.. really. This picture was taken at 6:31am according the camera EXIFs… that’s all about it and I was happy to leave this airport.. completely exhausted and unimpressed.

The Griffith Observatory | Every picture has a story

Griffith Observatory Los Angeles

This is my first blog post of the “Every picture has a story” series. A picture can say a thousand words but sometimes they cannot say what was involved to take them. Here is the first story behind my pictures.

The plan was to take a picture of the Griffith Observatory park with downtown Los Angeles in the background at sunset. Plain and simple and yet I wasn’t too sure how to get to this location where the observatory and downtown are aligned in the frame. So I planned to be there way before sunset in order to have plenty of time ahead to find it.

I started my journey at the Getty museum and asked the Uber driver to pick me up at the museum and drop me by the Hollywood sign and from there I thought i’d walk on some trail to find a good spot… but poor swiss me, I didn’t expect the traffic to be that bad and even with hours ahead I arrived late! I rushed to find this place and finally made it completely soaked in sweat. I didn’t have my tripod (I know I know… stupid me), hence I put my camera on my bag which is something no photographer recommends, too unstable and too close to the ground. I quickly pulled out bushes to get an unobstructed view for the lens, I had my 70-200mm but I would recommend the 400mm. The sun was already low but I managed to get this one which I think is not too bad after all.

So if you want to know where this spot is located: Mt Chapel trail, not far from the antenna of the LA communications facility. If you happen to have others or better suggestions for shooting locations of the Griffith Observatory I would be glad to know them, just leave a message in the comment section below… 🙂

Shooting location on Google Maps :

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