Music video Clip | The making of swiss band OAXACA

This is a video clip I shooted and edited for the rock power trio OAXACA from Geneva Switzerland. It was a one year effort project, from march 2021 to march 2022. Released on March 25th 2022, it features a character passing away (played by band’s singer Damien Baroni) with key symbolisms: light in the tunnel, drowning.. Black and white to make it timeless and beautiful.
Video shooting edit: Alejandro Pérez
Script, actor: Damien Baroni
Sparkling light: Elie Smitch Lüstenberger
Under water shooting: Philippe Boisson & Alejandro Pérez
Sound Mixing and Mastering: Manu Hungrecker

One of the request by Damien was that shooting locations shouldn’t be recognised as being in Geneva. The light was made with a simple mirror reflecting the sun for the outdoor takes and a flashlight for the indoor takes. For the outdoor takes the challenge was to find an interesting place and the availability of making reflecting the sun. We added some special effects in post production with an angel in front of the light. Almost all scenes were shooted with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the drowning scenes were shooted with a GoPro and the water exit scene, with lots of sun underwater reflections with the iPhone 11.
Damien Baroni on Vocals and guitar.
Loan Ecuvillon on bass guitar and backing vocals.
Yorick Yann Hossfeld on drums.