Travel video for YouTube | Dubaï

This is a long due video. My trip to Dubaï finally got his own video. I wasn’t very inspired by it, the city is so artificial and nothing really interested me to be honest, no story. So why I went there you may ask? Well, there was several reasons to it but I’m not going to comment on that. Let’s say that I had a very cheap air fare to go. It wasn’t very long, just 2 nights and back to Switzerland. I made this video which is very contemplative and on a point of view mode.

Directed, filmed, edited & sound mixing by Alejandro Pérez
Material: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Adobe Permiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition.

No comments, just the images and the sound. The sound turned out to be very bad in some sections due to my poor knowledge of the new ambient mic I bought, so for these parts of the video I just put on some music. It’s the first time I upload such a long video, but I added chapters so it is more digest for everybody including me. My favorite part was Deira, because it’s older and it is more authentic than the rest of the city which is too new. I did not go to the desert unfortunately because I was on a budget and but I think the video is still interesting to watch. But my very fav part took place when I went to the Dubai Mall where the flight simulators are (which I didn’t try btw) and a kid was trying to make the simulator work when somebody from the shop showed to him two snapped fingers and just one word repeated four times: “Money money, money money”*.. that what Dubaï is all about in the end.

*Scene at 30:25 in the video



0:00 – Flight from Zürich to Dubaï with Swiss LX242
3:32 – Dubai Deira
4:29 – Boat ride on the Khor Dubai in Deira
11:50 – Walk in Dubai Deira
14:20 – Metro ride from Abu Baker Al Siddique Metro Station 2
15:33 – Boat ride in dubai bay area and Marina
20:53 – Dubai ski at the Mall of the Emirates
21:50 – Metro ride to Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Metro Station
26:44 – Dubai Mall and the Dubai Aquarium
31:51 – Taxi ride on E11
34:29 – Burj-al-Arab beach
35:27 – Jumeira Mosque
37:26 – Burj Park
39:26 – Burj Khalifa



✈️ Airline: SWISS
✈️ Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 LX242 (HB-JHK)
✈️ Seat: 32K
✈️ Route: Zurich (ZRH) – Dubai (DXB)
✈️ Flight Time: 12h20min
✈️ Take off Runway: 16
✈️ Landing Runway: 30L



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