Short film | Manhattan in black & white

This is my humble tribute to one of my favorite film directors. This short movie was inspired by the famous opening of Woody Allen’s movie ‘Manhattan’ (1979). Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II, still video frames rendered in black & white at 24 frames per second (except the opening south Manhattan shot which was accelerated 3000% faster), added the two black bars to give the cinemascope look and finally added the original soundtrack with woody’s voice.

Short film: “New York in Black and White”
Filmed, edited by Alejandro Pérez

The location at 00:35 of this footage is actually where Isaac (Woody Allen) encounter Jill (Meryl Streep) in the movie (6th Av/50 Str) in front of the Radio City Hall.

During our visit in NYC, the Brooklyn bridge was under repair and the World Trade Center 1 was still under construction as seen in the footage.